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Trail Bikes

Trail Bikes

Downhill Bikes

Designed for going fast downhill and soaking up the rocks, roots, bumps and jumps along the way. These beasts are built tough to absorb all of the punishment flying down a mountain can dish out. Often shuttled up mountains by bus, van or ski-resort chairlift, they are not as fun or as efficient to ride uphill.

Cross Country Bikes

Cross Country bikes are all about riding fast and climbing like a mountain goat. If you're looking for a quick, responsive ride or racing a Cross Country bike might be the one for you.

The starting point for most mountain bike riders, trail bikes are great for everything from dirt roads to singletrack trails. They are available in a number of different configurations to better fit your riding style, from unsuspended to front-suspension all the way up to full-suspenion rigs.

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