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Service Department

Get bike tune-ups, repairs and keep your bike running like new with Bicycle Warehouse. With over 60 years of combined experience our seasoned bike techs do it all.

Master Techs, over 80 years of combined experience
Love It Guarantee
Quality Assured

Our mission is to "keep your bike running like new so you always have an awesome ride." Regular preventative maintenance is the key to making that happen. It protects your investment just like it does on your car.

Free Bike Check

Come visit us at any of our stores for a FREE detailed inspection. It gives you peace of mind knowing what your bike needs so you always have a great ride.

Preventative maintenance is recommended every 12 months for all of your systems (based on regular riding once a week).

System Services

Shifting Service, $89

The best way to ensure easy and accurate shifting.

  • Inspect all shifting parts
  • Clean all shifting parts
  • Adjust all shifting parts for precise shfiting
  • Install new front and rear shifting cables and housing or fluid

Drivetrain Service, $89

The best way to ensure precise shifting and maximize drivetrain parts.

  • Inspect all drivetrain parts
  • All drivetrain parts are removed and thoroughly scrubbed in our solvent tank.
  • All drivetrain parts are reinstalled and lubricated
  • All drivetrain parts are adjusted


Brake Service, $89

The best way to ensure precise and maximum stopping power.

  • Inspect all brake parts
  • Clean all brake parts
  • Adjust all brake parts
  • Install new brake cables and housing or fluid

Wheel Service, $69

The best way to ensure your bike rolls smooth with maximum control.

  • Inspect and adjust front and rear hubs
  • Adjust all spokes on the front and rear wheels for slight side to side wobbles and hops
  • Includes labor for tire installs, tube installs and sealant refresh


Master Service Package, $249

Includes all four of the above System Service Packages and saves $87



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Service Department Info

In 2013 we launched our "Bike Tech Center" in response to the growing sophistication of bike technologies and their needed maintenance and repairs. Our techs are no longer just mechanics. They are technicians dealing with electronics and compatibility of materials and components. It requires lots of training, schooling, and certifications to work on today's bicycle.

Master Tech Certified

Our BTC has over 60 years of combined experience with seasoned and certified bike techs. We brought them all together in a central facility allowing us to train and stay current on all new developments.

100% Quality Assured

The best part is we can ensure the highest level of quality work with a three level QC (quality check) process. Everything is checked and checked again to make sure we do it right the first time. We also have our "LOVE IT" guarantee which means we’ve got your back. We will always make it right whatever it takes

Love It Guarantee

Meet the Team