Why Choose Bicycle Warehouse

What you get when you choose us

#1 Your business is earned

Why spend your hard earned money with us? The short answer is because we earn it. If we haven't, I don't suggest you give it to us!

Pretty bold statement for a business owner to make but it's reality. Sure we could survive by just doing transactions with everyone but the only way we can thrive and grow is to make you a Raving Fan of our business.

Nowadays it's hard to feel good about spending your money somewhere. We get bombarded with ads and information about how great a business is touting the best service, best products and best prices. Most fall seriously flat on those promises which is very disappointing. It's a classic case of over promising and under delivering when it should be the other way around.

When was the last time you gave a business rave reviews and highly recommended it to your family, friends and co-workers? It doesn't happen nearly as much as it should. The real killer of businesses today is that they haven't created a service culture. A 100% focus on their Guests who support the business day in and day out, each and every time with each and every person. This is much easier said then done which is why it's more the exception then the rule. 

In order to provide a great experience a business needs to fire on all cylinders showing they actually care about you and value your business.

So why should you spend your hard earned money with us? Because we work hard every day to earn it. We start with a service culture which makes 100% of the focus on you becoming a Raving Fan of our business. We value your business and strive to make you feel good about giving us the opportunity to keep earning it. We've always got your back and will do what ever it takes to make things right. We look forward to being of service on all of your future visits.

Mike & Debbe Simmons

Mike & Debbe Simmons

#2 You get a fun, easy and enjoyable experience

We will share our enthusiasm and knowledge on product and services that best serve the experiences you want to enjoy. We don't just sell you stuff, we arm you with the right information that allows YOU to make the best decision so you can have a great time exploring the world on your bike

We treat you right. Too much of today’s retail experience is filled with apathy. Not from us. We hire and train friendly, honest and hard working team members who genuinely want to be of service. 

We appreciate and value your business and we work hard to keep earning it. We want to make it a fun and enjoyable experience on every visit.

We are always adding services and expanding our business to better deliver top level service to you:

  • Ride It Rewards giving you 5% back in points on your purchases
  • 7 convenient stores throughout San Diego and Temecula
  • Simple online ordering from anywhere in the world shipped direct to your home or work
  • Easy online ordering with free local in-store pickup
  • Corporate Programs for easy access through work
  • Mobile Store – “A bike store at your door” can come to you (coming soon)
  • Pick-up & Delivery for bike service/repairs (coming soon)

#3 You get great stuff

A wide range of the right stuff - we offer bikes, gear and service for beginners to racers of all ages and in all areas of cycling. We will support you on the road, in the mountains, around the neighborhood, on your commute, where ever you ride. It’s built into our DNA with our mantra “It’s Your World, Ride It”

 Awesome Products

  • Bikes from Giant, Liv, Raleigh, Santa Cruz, Stromer and more
  • Parts from Shimano, SRAM, Fox, Rockshox, Continental, Schwalbe and more
  • Accessories from Thule Autoracks, ParkTool, Finishline, Camelbak and more
  • Clothes from Bell, Giro, Pearl Izumi, Fox, Shimano, Ride USA and more
  • Lifetime warranties on lot's of product we offer.
  • The right price - we will protect you with competitive prices. We match prices from nearby competitors and guarantee them after your purchase
Great Services
  • Ride It Rewards - earn 5% back on most all purchases
  • Free with bike purchase
    • Free Professional Assembly and Setup - all bikes are fully assembled in-house by a full time trained team member. We don’t farm it out to a service that uses part time help using power tools and getting paid per piece (it’s a recipe for a poorly built bike). We make sure the factory has manufactured the bike correctly with the correct alignments and tolerances otherwise we send it back. All the parts on the bike are tightened, adjusted and fine tuned to make sure it shifts and brakes properly and rides smooth so you start off with a great ride.
    • Free Deluxe Fit and Setup - we make sure to match each rider to the bike that best fits their body geometry (torso, leg and arm length). Most bikes come in 6 different sizes and have a bunch of additional items to adjust to make sure it fits right. Starting with the correct frame size which is tricky because the same sizes differ dramatically between manufacturers. Some use inches, some use centimeters and some use small through xxl to describe their frame sizes. Even worse, not all mediums are the same between manufacturers. Avoid the number one bike buying mistake - getting the wrong size (a good deal on the wrong size bike is not a good deal). We got you you covered. Come do some test riding and we’ll make sure you get the correct size to get the most enjoyment and performance from your bike.
    • Free Test Rides - we take the time to have you test ride multiple sizes and models. It has to fit and “FEEL” right. We’ll show you what to look for to make sure a bike does both. It’s a bit of a Goldilocks process  - this one’s too hard, this one’s too soft, this one’s just right! We keep going until we get you the one that feels “just right”. Bring some comfy clothes and be ready to smile and have some fun.
    • Free Deluxe Tune Up - your first tune-up is absolutely free. This is not some stripped down tune up with a couple adjustments and then send you on your way. It’s our full Deluxe tune up that covers the bike from head to toe. Our goal in servicing your bike is to make sure it’s dialed in at 100%. That’s the only way to can fully enjoy the ride
    • Free Warranty Coverage - excuse the language but warranties suck. It’s a no win situation for the manufacturer, the distributor, the dealer and the consumer. It takes lot’s of time, money and effort to process warranties and still no one ends up happy. What makes it even more interesting is that warranty coverage means nothing to you until you need it. Then it means everything! In recognition of all of this we process warranties fast and easy. We do whatever is necessary to ease the pain and burden in the event of a warranty issue. Loaners, replacements, upgrades, refunds, whatever it takes. We’ve got your back!
    • Free Stuff & Discounts - in order to help you avoid the 2nd biggest mistake people make in buying a bike we get you started with a couple freebies and discounts to make sure you have a great riding experience. Don’t spend your entire budget on just the bike! Seriously, if you only have $1,000 to spend, don’t spend it all on the bike. Instead, purchase a $600 bike and leave room for the Rider Essentials and Bike Essentials. You will enjoy your rides so much more and you don’t have to spend any more than what you intended.
  • Free rides, events and clinics
  • Free layaways and holiday storage
  • Easy warranty processing
  • Price matching, see retail stores for more details
  • Price Guarantee
  • Trade-up program
  • Africa project/ donations
  • Fantastic Maintenance and Repairs 
    • Free 50 point bike inspections
    • Love it 30 day guarantee 
    • Expert repairs with guarantee (over 60 years of master mechanic experience)
    • Pick up and delivery 
  • Corporate programs
    • Company accounts for fleet purchases
    • Preferred accounts for all company staff
    • Service accounts for fleet and company staff bike maintenance
    • Commuter programs 

    We work extremely hard at delivering “right” the first time. Every once in blue moon something happens that requires us to “make it right”. It gets our immediate and full attention and we don’t rest until we do so. It gives you peace of mind before, during and after doing business with us. We got your front side and your back side covered!