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Trade Up Program

Trade Up Program

It's easy!

Step 1 to trading upBring your bike into any Bicycle Warehouse store for a quick “valuation” inspection Step 2 to trading upDecide to use the full valuation towards a new dream bike Step 1 to trading upHave fun picking out your new dream bike
  • Valid on model year bikes 2005 or newer with an original retail price of $500 or more (see more details below).
  • We conduct a 10 minute inspection on your bike.
  • We enter the information into our on-line app and provide you an instant valuation of your bike. 
  • Bring your valid driver’s license
  • Once you decide to “trade-up” we will give you the full value of your bike toward the purchase of any new bike or multiple bikes of greater value.
  • The “trade-in” valuation is valid for an immediate trade-up.
  • If you decide to think it over we just run a new valuation inspection whenever you are ready to make the trade.
  • Trade it in on a newer version of what you had or try a whole different style ride.
  • You can really score points by trading in your high end bike that’s collecting dust for multiple bikes so the whole family gets a new one.

Bike Qualifications

The Trade Up Program is designed for Bike Store quality level bikes with model year 2005 or newer and an original retail price of $500 or more.

  • Valuations assume all original parts (or better) are on the bike for valuation
  • Department store level bikes do not qualify (such as Huffy, Magna, Next and alike)
  • Tandems do not qualify
  • If your bike is not in the database it can still be valued but the process will take 24 hours
  • Your used bike's Trade Up value must be at least $150 to be eligible. 

Bike Condition

  • Your bike should be clean, functioning, and in sellable condition.
  • If your bike needs major service and/or major parts you will have to pay for the needed items and have the work done before we can take your bike as a trade. Any of our stores can coordinate this process for you.
  • The serial number must be clearly visible and not be defaced or destroyed

    What to Bring

    • A valid driver’s license
    • Obviously, we need the bike
    • Any chargers, manuals and/or accessories that go with the bike
    • Receipts for any upgrades made to the bike

      Fighting Theft

      • We log your valid driver’s license number as I.D
      • We log the bike’s serial number
      • We have you sign a statement that says the bike is yours to sell

        Let’s trade you up to a new dream bike

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