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Get a new pair of pedals under your feet! Many new bikes are sold without pedals so how you intend to ride is something to consider before purchasing a pair of pedals.

There are two main types of pedals to choose from. 1) Platform Pedals: great for everything from cruising around town to mountain biking; upgrading to larger, thinner platforms and sealed bearings can save weight and increase performance. 2) Clipless Pedals: combined with cycling shoes offer tons of advantages: a secure connection to the bike, increased power transfer and of course, cool-factor. There are many clipless systems, here at Bicycle Warehouse most of us prefer SPD.

Installation: Keep in mind while installing or removing pedals that the right pedal has a normal thread, but the left pedal has a left (reverse) thread. During installation be certain to use grease or oil to ease the process. Do not force a thread that is not taking and possibly strip the threads of your crank arms.

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