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Bike Locks

Bike thieves are the worst! No bike is safe as bike theft happens everywhere from rural back roads to metropolitan areas. Consider where you lock your bike up and for how long, then choose a bike lock accordingly to ensure your bike's safe keeping. We recommend using two security devices rather than a single lock, as this will deter thieves in many cases. Locks come in different designs to fit your specific needs including cable, chain, and U-lock styles. Locks can be opened with a key or combination. You take such good care of your bike, protect it while you're not riding!

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Giant Surelock Bike Gumi Cable Lock
Giant Surelock Bike Gumi Cable Lock
Regular price $26.00
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
Z-THIRD SHELF C/O Surelock Gumi Cable
Giant Surelock Gumi Cable Bike Lock
Regular price $25.00
  • Black
Liv Flex Key Bike Cable Lock
Liv Flex Key Bike Cable Lock
Regular price $19.00
  • Grey

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