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Kryptonite Ring Wheel Bike Lock with Plug-In Chain

Ring Wheel Bike Lock with Plug-In Chain

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One of the best ways to secure your bike from being stolen is a bike lock, one of the required bike accessories. Kryptonite Ring Locks mount to the frame using a flexible mount bracket and allow locking the wheel which prevents roll, ride and lift-away theft. E-Bike Rated. Creates a moderate security system for traditional and step thru e-bike frames. Always use a plug-in chain with the ring lock to prevent roll, ride and lift away theft.


  • Includes 5.5mm plug in chain with 120cm length
  • Includes flexible mount bracket
  • Kryptonite and AXA ring locks/plug-in options are compatible
  • Security Rating: 4 out of 10
  • E-Bike Approved

When it comes to securing your bike, you want the best. Kryptonite bike locks have a solid reputation for ensuring your bike does not get stolen or tampered with. They are lightweight to carry either on-person or around your bike.  Shop all of our bike locks and bike accessories online at Bicycle Warehouse today!



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