Brakes are essential for stopping. There are several types of brakes - cantilever, v-brakes, disc and caliper brakes are the most common. Depending on your bike and the type of riding you’re going to do determines the type of brake you should use.

20R Brake Pads - Bicycle Warehouse

Avid 20R Brake Pads


Bolt on Avid's 20R Brake Pads for consistent, powerful braking. They're designed for use with linear-pull brakes. 20R pads are symmetrical, for us...

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U-Brake Pads

Giant U-Brake Pads


Get back the same stopping power you had when your pads were new. Compatible with Shimano, SRAM, TRP and all major U-brakes brands. Threaded post,...

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Stainless Road Brake Cable - Bicycle Warehouse

Shimano Stainless Road Brake Cable


Diameter: 1.6 mm Length: 2050 mm Width: 1.6 mm

UltraSlick MTB Brake Cable Kit

Giant UltraSlick MTB Brake Cable Kit


Giant's UltraSlick MTB Brake Cable Kit has the parts needed to get your cable-actuated mountain bike brakes stopping smooth, powerful, and fast. It...

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Eagle 2 Brake Pads - Bicycle Warehouse

Kool-Stop Eagle 2 Brake Pads


SPECIFICATIONS Hardened and plated reinforced steel backbone Patented angled tip plow Water grooves Pad-Lock washer system 2024 Aluminum post Sold...

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Conduct Shifter Cable & Housing

Giant Conduct Shifter Cable & Housing


Replacement cables for between drop bar shift levers and the Giant Conduct Brake System Compressionless ends create more positive brake feel Inclu...

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Rear BMX U-Brake Lever - Bicycle Warehouse

Giant Rear BMX U-Brake Lever


Die-cast aluminum bracket and lever. Don't forget a new brake cable. 

Sport Disc Pads

Giant Sport Disc Pads


Features: Durable organic pad compound Quiet and powerful braking performance for all weather conditions