Bike Brake Levers

There are two commonly used brakes levers. Those designed for road drop handlebars and those for flat or upright bikes,

Rear BMX U-Brake Lever - Bicycle Warehouse

Giant Rear BMX U-Brake Lever


Die-cast aluminum bracket and lever. Don't forget a new brake cable. 

FR-5 Brake Levers

Avid FR-5 Brake Levers


Stiff, light and beautiful, Avid's FR-5 Brake Levers deliver excellent speed control and a great feel. They're compatible with linear-pull and mech...

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Auxiliary Brake Levers

Giant Auxiliary Brake Levers


Mount Giant's Auxiliary Brake Levers to your road bike's drop handlebar and gain a secondary braking position on the top of your bars. Great for bi...

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