How to Enjoy Your Ride More

Being fully equipped with the right gear helps you have more freedom, fitness and fun.

We've divided our list of gear into Must Haves, Should Haves and Nice to Haves for you and your bike. Whether you're just getting started or looking to step your riding game up we've got the best gear to take your riding to the next level.

Must Have Should Have Nice to Have

Mountain Biker in cycling kit.

Rider Kit - Must Haves

Our expert bikelogist have assembled their list of Must Haves to assemble before you head out on the road or trail. If you're a first time bike buyer we recommend saving at least 75% of your budget towards accessories to increase the quality of your ride.


There's a helmet for every rider, from full faced mountain, to aerodynamic road, and even stylish commuter and kids helmets. Protect your head and ride with confidence today.

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Helmet Tips

Padded Shorts

If you're in it for the long haul padded shorts are a must. Stay comfy and prevent chaffing on long rides.

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Chamois Tips


In warmer weather short finger gloves are the popular choice. Most have a padded leather or synthetic-leather palm and moisture-absorbing terry cloth for dabbing sweat or a runny nose. For colder weather a pair of wicking, breathable, full finger bike gloves are a must.

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Look sharp and stay comfortable while riding. With high-tech, breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from your body and allow maximum range of motion bike jerseys are a huge step up from riding in just a t-shirt.

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Cycling Shoes

Sure, you can ride a bike in just about any pair of shoes, but if you ride regularly you can benefit from shoes designed for bicycling. 

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Cycling Shoes Guide


Staying hydrated will help you ride your best, be it road, mountain, or cruising the boardwalk. When it comes to cycling, it's recommended to drink about 20 ounces of water for every hour that you ride.

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Hydration Tips

Guys riding cruiser style bikes.

Bike Kit - Must Haves

Flat Repair Kit

Flats happen. Prevention and being prepared for a flat bike tire are the best measures to keep rolling and eliminate down time on the trail.

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Inflation Tips

Bike Seat Bag

Seat bags create stowage space for tools, replacement tubes and other equipment that could save you or your partner’s day.

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Carry a mobile workshop. Ride your best and be prepared for when mechanical issues strike!

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Lube & Cleaner

Bike chain lube and cleaners are mandatory for any cyclist looking to keep their bike running at it's best. Regular maintenance will improve performance and increase the lifespan of your components.

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Light System

See and be seen when you're out on your bike. Easy to install, USB rechargeable, and available in a variety of models to fit your riding needs.

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Shock Pump

If you're riding a hardtail or full suspension bike this is a must. Properly adjusted forks and rear shocks keep your ride soaking up bumps and keep you pedaling efficiently.

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Floor Pump

A must for any garage or workshop that has a bike or six in it.

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Mountain bikers enjoying a scenic view

Rider Kit - Should Have

Once you've been riding for awhile and know your style you can start to build out your cycling kit.

Cold Weather Gear

Be ready for anything mother nature throws at you! Layers are crucial when the weather goes sideways keeping you warm and dry without slowing you down. Ride all four seasons with the right cycling gear

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Outerwear Guide

Arm/Leg Protection

Gear up with protective pads to survive those high impact crashes. Less injuries means less downtime. Better protection means more peace of mind. Give yourself every opportunity to ride your best and push your limits.

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Eye Protection

UV radiation, flying debris, and bugs! Protect your eyes with cycling glasses or goggles when riding, giving you peace of mind on the bike.

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Eyewear Tips


The smallest details can make a huge impact on your cycling experience. Socks, often underestimated, provide a wealth of comfort and relief while riding especially on long routes.

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Absorb sweat and avoid burning eyes with a moisture wicking headband. Cycling headbands tuck neatly under your helmet and can help add warmth on cold weather rides.

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Chamois Butter

A non-greasy skin lubricant developed for use with chamois. It lubricates, soothes, and softens the skin of athletes who experience chafing.

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Pack some power into your bike rides, training sessions and race days with bars, gels, chews and more. It's important to replenish your body of vital nutrients lost during exercise.

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Nutrition Tips

First Aid Kit

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and being prepared and geared up for an injury is going to pay off big time. It may just seem like extra weight you’ve got to carry in your streamlined backpack but when you need it, you really need it.

First Aid Tips 

Mountain bikers off the grid.

Bike Kit -Should Have


You never know where your next ride will take you so make sure your bike is always with you. With a bike rack for your car, take your bikes wherever you want. Designed to be user friendly, operation is quick, easy, and safe. Go anywhere and everywhere

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Bike thieves are the worst! No bike is safe as bike theft happens everywhere from rural back roads to metropolitan areas. Consider where you lock your bike up and for how long, then choose a bike lock accordingly to ensure your bike's safe keeping.

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Regular Service

Protect your investment with regular service. It can make the difference between a small tune up and a major overhaul. Not only that but a well-maintained bike just rides better.

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Bikepacker fully loaded on a touring bike.

Rider Kit - Nice to Have

Upgraded Helmet

While a recreation style gets the job done of protecting your head there are all sorts of space age options available for helmet upgrades. MIPS, lightweight carbon fiber builds and air channeling vents.

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Helmet Tips

Upgraded Shoes

Sure, you can ride a bike in just about any pair of shoes, but if you ride regularly you can benefit from shoes designed for bicycling. 

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Road cyclist using a floor pump to air up their tires.

Bike Kit - Nice to Have


Ding, ding! A small, but important part of bike safety.

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Extra battery

Extend your e-bike adventures with an extra battery. Have one charging while you're out riding.

E-Bike Guide

Dropper Post

A suspension seatpost aka a dropper post is an awesome upgrade for your mountain bike. Raise your post for optimal power transfer while pedaling uphill then low it before hitting the downhill for lower center of gravity and more control.

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Upgraded Wheels

Bike wheels have the biggest impact on your riding next to your bicycle frame. Depending on your riding style you'll want wheels designed with a specific purpose in mind. Mountain bikers need durability, while road racers want lightweight, aerodynamics.

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Upgraded Pedals

Lighter, fast action & sealed bearings make for a quicker, smoother ride.

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Gel Grips

Add style, performance, control and comfort to your bike! mprove your handling with quality bike grips. Find ergonomic and comfort oriented options that would work great for riding around town to no-slip mountain bike grips designed to keep you on the bike when the trail gets rough.

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The touchpoints of your bike - lighter/stronger handlebar, stem, seat and post.

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Bike Rear Rack

Increase the carrying capacity of your bike and take the weight off of your back. From a classic rear rack to full blown bicycle panniers the possibilities are endless.

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Panniers & Bags

From a cross town commute to a cross country tour, bike bags take the load off of your back, letting you ride further and do more! From backpacks to on-bike storage solutions find a convenient way to haul your riding essentials today

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Ride through the rain and keep your bike looking pristine with bike fenders. Offering protection and style, front and rear fenders are suitable for road, gravel, and mountain bikes. Safeguard your bike from dirt, grime and ride in any weather.

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Chainstay Wrap

Offers critical frame protection from chain slap and trail debris.

Chainstay Protector


Track your effort and ride your best with the power of a bike GPS computer. Discover new routes, track your friends, and use data to get the most out of your cycling adventures.

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Home Storage

Make storing your bike easy, efficient and keep your precious ride safe. From garages to apartments, find the perfect storage solution to maximize floor space and eliminate headaches when storing your bikes. Worry less, ride more.

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Advanced Tools

Is your bike ready to roll? Bike maintenance is a breeze with the right equipment. From multi-tools and degreasers to professional work stands, grab the tools you need to get the job done right. Service that drive train, dial in those brakes and hit it hard this season!

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