Cycling Sunglasses Guide

From endless climbs in blinding sunlight to screaming descents in constantly changing light, your eyewear is one of your most critical pieces of gear. Protecting your eyes properly from both the sun and debris on the road or trail is pivotal to your eye health and your safety while riding. Lightweight, ergonomic and adjustable shades that feel custom-fitted to your face are a great way to enjoy your ride more. And never fear, the lenses were made specifically for cycling so every twist, turn and bump will be crystal clear.

What exactly goes into cycling eyewear? Our top brands put tons of energy into their research to create the best sunglasses for your ride. Here are the technologies behind our lenses

Contrast Control

Enhance the visual experience of the wearer by controlling contrast, color and definition. Increased contrast and clarity is an important safety feature when it comes to reading signs and spotting traffic on the road, as well as differentiating features on the trail.


Glare Reduction

Unwanted glare is created when light is reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces such as roadways, water and snow. Certain eyewear models feature polarized lenses to control glare and cut through the visual noise. This means, proper contrast, clarity and color can be preserved while filtering out unwanted harsh lighting.


Lightweight and Comfortable

Unique frame material combines excellent strength and remarkably light weight. With excellent resistance to UV and stress cracking, structural toughness (even at low temperatures), dimensional stability and dynamic strength, Gr

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