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iXS Trigger / Hack Goggle LP Replacement Lenses

Trigger / Hack Goggle LP Replacement Lenses

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Lenses for all conditions and all applications.

The iXS mirrored lenses are UV protected. A large variety of colors, coatings, and tints provide the best flexibility for any light condition. Compatible with iXS Trigger and Hack model.

Light transmission (LT): 15% mirror gold, 21% mirror cobalt, 18% mirror silver, 21% mirror crimson, 43% mirror rose, 43% mirror clear
  • Injected lenses are pre-molded (curved) and cylindrically formed for easy swapping
  • Reflective mirror coating
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-scratch
  • UV360-380mm
  • Low profile lenses are reduced by 5mm in the profile making them a better fit on smaller faces and/or helmet openings


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