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Shimano S-Phyre Magnetic Sunglasses

S-Phyre Magnetic Sunglasses

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Protection, Fit, and Function

Utilizing a wide field-of-view single lens, Shimano's S-PHYRE Magnetic Ridescape cycling glasses offer greater eye protection, while the minimalist frame narrows the gap between your face and lens, helping reduce unwanted wind and dust intrusion. Riders also benefit from full UV-400 protection that shields the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and the frame features soft curved template grippers that keep eyewear in place plus a magnetic lens system that makes lens swaps easy.


  • Great-fitting eyewear designed specifically for on or off-road riding, providing lightweight all-day comfort
  • Tuned Optics: RIDESCAPE lens feature varied light transmission percentages and emphasize scene specific colors and highlighting objects and surfaces in varied cycling scenes and conditions
  • Enhanced Protection: A single lens with wide field-of-view protects eyes, while minimalist frame narrows gap between face and lens, reducing wind and dust intrusion
  • Fit and Function: Soft curved template grippers keep eyewear in place. Magnetic lens system makes lens cleaning and swaps easy
  • Sun Guard: Full UV-400 protection shields eyes from sun’s harmful rays

Ridescape Cloudy Spare Lens Included

Ideal for lowlight and wet riding conditions, the Ridescape Cloudy (CL) spare lens delivers 82% light transmission for better visual performance when its cloudy, rainy, or dark. They also feature an anti-reflective treatment that reduces oncoming headlight glare and there is a hydrophobic coating on all outer and inner lens surfaces that increases water and sweat repellency to keep lenses free from dust, oil, and dirt so they stay cleaner longer and are easier to maintain.

Frame color and Ridescape lens combinations:

S-Phyre Magnetic Ridescape Road Lens
Road (RD) riding tuned lenses feature 21% light transmission that is ideal for riding in sunny and clear conditions. The RD lens enhance certain colors and suppress others to boost asphalt contrast.

S-Phyre Magnetic Ridescape Gravel Lens

Gravel (GR) riding tuned lens features 21% light transmission that is ideal for riding in sunny and clear conditions, it helps emphasize colors and highlight objects and surfaces unique to gravel cycling.

S-Phyre Magnetic Ridescape Off-Road Lens

Off-Road (OR) riding tuned lens features 35% light transmission that is ideal for riding in low light or cloudy conditions and for riding in and out of the shade, it helps emphasize colors and highlight objects like roots and rocks.


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