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Mountain & Road Bike Shoes and Socks

A bike shoe is specifically designed for making the most of your riding. The sole is stiffer than a regular shoe to transfer more power to the pedal. Clipless bike pedals allow the shoe to attach to the pedal so they don't slide off. MTB shoes have more grip but they're also stiffer when compared to street shoes. Normal shoes are ok for a while, but you’ll probably want something better once you notice you slip off your pedals or hurt your feet hitting a sharp branch. To learn more and get your questions answered chat with our product experts online, email us at or stop by one of our 7 stores in San Diego and Temecula.

Podium Socks

Giant Podium Socks


The new Podium sock features lightweight 168 needle high-gauge sock features X-Odor™ yarn and TransTextura Plus™ technologies for optimal comfort a...

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