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6 Tips to Improve Your Mountain Bike Cornering Skills

6 Tips to Improve Your Mountain Bike Cornering Skills

Improve Your Mountain Bike Cornering Techniques with these 6 Tips

We've all been there: laying on the ground wondering what just happened. Our friends maybe laughing behind us but what can we do better to avoid our friends pure amusement and our own frustration?

Tip #1: Braking

Brake before the turn so you enter it with speed to carry you through, but not too much to overshoot the trail. Check gearing and speed before entering the corner. Relax your arms and let your mountain bike roll through the corner. Your mountain bike wants to go fast but don't let it get out of control.

Tip # 2: Start Wide

Start wide, turn into the apex of the corner and finish to the outside of the trail. The pedal toward the corner should be up or in the 12 o'clock position., the pedal away from the corner should be down, in the 6 o'clock position.

Tip #3: Watch your pedal level

If the inside pedal is down there is a good chance that you will hit a rock, root, or the ground which will throw you off the bike (as your friends enjoy watching you fly throw the air). Keep your pedals level

Tip #4: Always look ahead

Look ahead through the corner to where you want to go do not look at what's in front of your wheel. You will hit that rock or root in front of you.

Tip #5: Use your outside pedal

Weight the outside pedal, to keep the rear wheel on the ground and provide traction to hold your line around the turn. 

Tip #6: Look towards exit

Resume pedaling just before exiting the turn while looking ahead toward the exit, set balance and body position for the next obstacle. 

Remember, good cornering is all about your exit speed not entry speed, so this tip is important.

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