5 Ways E-Bikes Are Saving The Planet

5 Ways E-Bikes Are Saving The Planet

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E-bikes are fun. E-bikes are easy. In fact, there are E-bikes for just about everyone. Do you ride every day? Has it been decades since you felt the freedom of cycling? Either way, we’re here to help with smart, natural and powerful electric bicycles.

Discover a whole new way to ride. Whether you’re looking for a new way to commute and cruise through the city, or aim to extend your road or mountain bike rides, there’s an E-bike for every style. Ride farther, ride faster, and amp up the fun factor with an electric bike.

5 Ways E-Bikes Are Saving The Planet

1. Less co2 Emissions

Less cars, less greenhouse gasses. According to a scientific study from ScienceDirect "The transport sector accounts for nearly one quarter of global energy-related CO2 emissions, mainly due to cars and trucks travelling on roads. In 2015, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 22% in Europe compared to 1990 levels, putting EU on track to match its 2020 target, which is to reduce GHG emissions by 20% by 2020 and by 40% by 2030 compared with 1990." Europe has been an early adopter of the electric bike, resulting in less cars on the road.

Scientific data from "Transportation Research Procedia 37 (2019) 163–170"

2. Healthier Population

We all know that biking is good for you—any exercise is good for you—but did you know all the many ways that biking specifically helps your body and mind? You gain more from biking than just the standard 150 minutes per week of recommended exercise your doctor encourages. Biking has been studied in intense detail, and there is a lot of research to show this kind of exercise contributes to overall wellness in a way that many other forms of exercise simply don’t.

3. Less Cars & Traffic

The more people on e-bikes, the less congested roadways are. This alleviates traffic, especially in densely populated areas. Overall motorists are happier with less congestion on the streets, cyclists are saving money and getting exercise while commuting, and the planet is benefiting all at the same time! Worldwide bicycles outnumber automobiles, however we need to continue to push for green modes of transportation, we all share this planet!

4. Increasing Bike Delivery Services

More people are delivering via bicycle with the trend in e-bikes. This is a great alternative to driving to pickup food or groceries, and gives local people in your community work. For example a popular restaurant in Los Angeles, "The 4th Horseman, exclusively uses Maritime Bicycle Courier for deliveries. The owner said that during the coronavirus pandemic, 70% of orders placed at The 4th Horseman consist of deliveries."I mean without them we would I don't know where we would be," he said. "They've been so important to us."Since the coronavirus outbreak, the local courier service has increased its workforce by 33%." Quoted from -ABC7 News

5. Support Local

E-bikes need to be serviced and maintained, and local bike stores would not be in business without our riders. Nowadays it's hard to feel good about spending your money somewhere, especially online. During times like these it's essnetial to support your local bike store, and the community you live in. Bring your e-bike into any of our 5 Southern California Bicycle Warehouse locations and we'll make sure it's running in top shape.

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Electric Gravel

Not sure what the day has in store, and want to be ready for anything? Electric gravel bikes offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience—even as you head off paved roads. So go ahead, see where that trail leads to and still make it home on time.

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Electric Mountain

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Electric City

A smart transportation solution that’s way more fun than a train or a bus. Easy-to-operate electric bikes give you a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort.

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Thanks for reading our article on 5 Ways E-Bikes Are Saving The Planet. Hopefully you get to experience an e-bike soon if you haven't already. If you have any questions or want gear recommendations drop us a line and we'll get you rolling!

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