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Electric Bikes

E-bikes are fun. E-bikes are easy. In fact, there are E-bikes for just about everyone. Do you ride every day? Has it been decades since you felt the freedom of cycling? Either way, we’re here to help with smart, natural and powerful electric bicycles. No matter what type of riding you like to do, there’s an electric bike for you. Once you integrate an e-bike into your daily life, don’t be surprised if you find yourself going by bike more and more often. Because not only are electric bikes super useful, they’re super fun to ride.

We carry a full line of E-Bikes from hybrid commuters, to road bikes, and even full suspension downhill mountain bikes all come in electric models. Finding the perfect E-Bike to push your riding to the next level is crucial with a purchase of this magnitude, and we're here to help break down the electric bike in an easy to digest article. Once you've read this you'll understand the who, what, and why behind the electric bicycle trend sweeping out nation.

GIANT Bikes Explore-E

E-Bikes are the taking the nation by storm as more and more riders are finding the benefits of an electric bike to not only improve their riding experience, but improve their health and so much more. In the video above Mark from GIANT Bikes explains how path and pavement E-Bikes are the real do it all bicycle. From city commuting to weekend campouts the Explore E+ is designed to tackle anything from the asphalt to the singletrack. Rack ready,and with up to 40 miles per charge make the Explore E+ your key to unlocking unlimited bike potential. The Explore E+ combines urban riding style with versatile performance that can handle rougher roads. The ALUXX aluminum frameset and a SyncDrive Sport motor that's powered by Yamaha combine for great handling and smooth acceleration on a variety of road conditions. Designed for adaptability, Explore E+ gives riders the freedom to go wherever they want to go. Now what to do with such freedom? Explore!


News Flash: E-Bikes Allowed in National Parks!

In a recent statement from the National Park Service (NPS) regarding the regulations of electric bikes within our National Park land they wrote "E-bikes are allowed where traditional bicycles are allowed." This is a game changer, and now more and more people can enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors, especially within our protected National Park land. E-Bikes allow riders to go further and enjoy the ride longer. With riders pushing more miles in a ride than previously able to, the popularity of exploring via E-Bike is growing fast. With the long lasting popularity of cycling in America, and the love for our National Parks, it's no wonder the NPS was agreeable on this topic. With zero emissions output the E-Bikes will do no more to harm the natural state of the landscape than a standard bicycle. So get out there and see the corners of the U.S. you've been missing!


Benefits of E-Bikes

E-Bikes provide an experience on the bicycle like none other. By providing a less strenuous, the rider's energy output is more efficient and the bike ride can go further and last longer than on a standard bicycle. Many riders face obstacles when wanting to ride new routes such as experience, age, disability, and fitness level. These factors are much less of an influence when the E-Bike provides an easier and more efficient ride experience. In addition many riding zones are extremely demanding in altitude gain and distance, sometimes even at high altitude. Not every rider is prepared for these type of rides, however the E-Bike can improve a riders efficiency to the point they surpass their abilities on a standard bicycle. It's really quite fun, and once you've tried one you know the true feeling. Get more health, happiness, and fun in today on a new E-Bike , and why not in one of our Nation's great National Parks!





Will an Electric Bike Help Me Loose Weight?

Yes! Just because an electric bike offers pedal assistance, there is still much physical and mental fitness to be gained from regular riding of an e-bike. E-bikes offer a new alternative to many individuals looking for a health hobby, but are not sold on the activity of riding a standard bicycle. The help provided by the electric motor can help make the ride more enjoyable, and allow a rider to go further and faster than ever before. This does not come without a decent level of effort throughout the ride, and comparatively it's just as healthy or better than a brisk walk. If e-bikes can make cycling more fun then people are more likely to ride regularly, and benefit from the activity of cycling!

To achieve goals such as losing weight or improving your cardio strength are no easy task. No matter what method of physical fitness you choose, commitment and consistency are key to achieving progress. Achieving improved health through cycling also relies heavily on the quality of nutrition you put into your body as well as the rest you are receiving nightly. In order to really move towards change one must really focus on their daily routine, and improve their lifestyle choices across the board.

Tailor your goals and strategize your plan of attack according to your personal preferences. Choosing the right style e-bike can make a world of a difference when it comes to how much you enjoy riding. Set realistic goals, and start small with ambitions to grow. Taking small steps towards a bigger picture is the best way to stay on track and feel accomplished along the way. It takes 6-8 weeks for your body and mind to make a physiological change, and many times we don't give a new hobby or regiment 6-8 solid weeks of commitment, therefore we don't see the results we want.


Why Ride an Electric Bike?

The reasons are many, and there's no wrong reason to be riding an e-bike! From wanting to loose weight to pushing your riding to a competitive level on your rest days riders all over the world are finding e-bikes the perfect tool for their lifestyle. Two important North American electric bike surveys from Portland State University in 2013 and 2017 offer some great insight into the e-bike trend domestically. Check out this chart on why people ride e-bikes. What category do you fall under?


Free Fit Consultation

If you haven’t already, get a free electric bike fit consultation from Bicycle Warehouse. Answer a few questions and we'll make an instant recommendation of the model that might be the best fit for your needs.

If you're wondering what type of e-bike would fit you best, or want to talk more in depth about your personal cycling goals we're here to help! Chat with a Bicycle Warehouse gear guru today, we are riders just like you, and our passion is getting riders on the best bike for their needs, the first time around.

Review these questions below and drop us a message with your answers, we'd be happy to recommend the best model to fit your specific needs.

  • What are you planning to use an electric bike for? 
    • Recreation, Commuting, Exercise
  • What type of frame are you looking for?
    • Mountain, Road, Hybrid
  • Where do you plan on riding?
    • Mostly Flat, Mostly Hilly
  • How much would you like to pedal?
    • Most of The Time, Sometimes, Very Little
  • How tall are you?


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