How to Choose a Line while Mountain Biking

How to Choose a Line while Mountain Biking

Choosing a Line while Riding

We tend to focus on that which is directly in front of us. It unknowingly directs us instead of choosing our path (picking a line), we instead “go with the flow” and end up allowing the path to choose for us. To avoid this from happening here are some simple tips to pick your own line.

1. Scan the terrain in front of you
2. Your eyes lead your wheels
3. Focus on where exiting one obstacle will set you up to enter and exit the next
4. Adjust your balance toward where you are looking

It may seem counter intuitive to look ahead and stay focused on the line but doing this will allow you to have more control, confidence and it sets yourself up for a smooth and flowing path to travel.

It's Your World, Ride it!


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