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4 tips for riding on different surfaces and terrains

4 Tips for Riding on Different Surfaces and Terrains

There are many different types of terrain and surfaces when you're riding here's a few tips on how to handle them

Tip #1: Dry Trails

Dry and sandy trails can cause you to slow or slide out suddenly. Staying relaxed in the saddle helps you to react and adjust your balance. When the trails are moist but not muddy, don't be afraid to lean a bit harder in the turns.

Tip #2: Wet and Muddy Trails

Avoid riding on wet and muddy trails to avoid damaging the trail. If riding in mud is unavoidable, use round the consistent pedal strokes to avoid rear wheel spins. Maintain a steady, firm cadence until your tread finds traction.

Descending in mud can be very dangerous when in doubt, dismount and walk. If you approach a puddle along the trail do not widen the trail by trying to skirt around it. If the footing looks firm, slowly roll right down the middle.

Tip #3: Snow and Ice 

When encountering ice, relax and roll over the middle without pedaling, braking or leaning. If the ice covers a large area, you may want to walk it or risk a nice knock on the noggin.

In deeper snow, use mud techniques, keeping consistent and steady strokes util you find traction.

Tip #4: Loose Gravel

In loose gravel, power pedal through soft spots to avoid stalling. Be careful of transitioning onto gravel at high speeds, brake early and arrive softly.

Each trail surface teaches you something new about riding and balance. Don't be afraid to venture out, but be smart about it. Remember, brake carefully before you roll over tricky bits, and steady as she goes in the mud otherwise you'll be a little dirty.

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