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WTB Wavelength Grips

Wavelength Grips

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The Wavelength features multi-directional fins that improve handlebar control while also maximizing comfort on rough terrain.

The underside of the grip features a waffle pattern for increased grip where the fingers naturally wrap around the bar. The tapered 30/32mm grip diameter cushions the ulnar nerve and increases both comfort and control in technical terrain.


  • Tapered internal sleeve to create a snug fit that eliminates twisting at the end of the grip
  • Control Category - balance between softness and bar feel
  • Soft Rubber / anti-slip compound
  • Single inboard clamp to keep the grips secure, with a soft compound, enclosed rubber end
  • Fin design - angles of the fins are situated in a way to provide best support for the forces acting on them
  • Light fingertip knurling for increased bar feel


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