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Sportlegs Sport Legs Nutritional Supplement: POP Restock, Box of 12

Sportlegs Sport Legs Nutritional Supplement: POP Restock, Box of 12

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Patented Sport Legs pre-ride supplement raises blood lactate concentration just like exercise does. But it does it before exercise, tricking muscles into producing only as much lactate fuel as needed, not excess which degrades into pain-causing, performance-limiting lactic acid. Result: Younger-performing legs.

  • SportLegs helps make cycling more popular by making it less painful. It actually helps prevent the lactic acid "burn" and "cramping" cyclists dislike most about the sport
  • Primes your body's natural process to improve muscle efficiency with less lactic acid. Taken before riding, SportLegs' natural-source lactate formula raises blood lactate just like hard riding does, except earlier. This signals muscles to not make excess lactate, the source of painful lactic acid
  • Legal and healthy. Premium European natural-source lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium plus Vitamin D. WADA and UCI legal. Passes ultra-strict California Prop 65. Vegetarian. No sodium, dairy, gluten or GMOs
  • Works fast, in just half an hour. No month-long loading phase before results
  • Cheap to use. No need to take every day
  • Refill for EB5586
  • Box of twelve 120-capsule bottles for POP display


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