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Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire - 29 x 2.1

Racing Ralph Tire - 29 x 2.1

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SKU: TR0875

Overhauled to bring you the speed, grip and control for modern XC (cross-country) trails, the cross country rider’s favourite Racing Ralph tyre will guide you over the most technical terrain with ease.

  • ADDIX Speed: ADDIX Speed is the compound for XC race specialists, it catapults our XC tires into a new performance dimension. It's the answer for those who’d like to go even faster. There’s only one thing that ADDIX Speed really loves and that’s speed. So the rolling resistance has been chopped yet again
  • Super Ground: Combines lightweight and stability. Feels comfortable in any terrain. Balanced ratio of puncture protection and smooth-rolling. For flowing trails, long rides and any terrain
  • Tubeless Technology: For all ambitious sports cyclists, Tubeless is the right choice. Only Tubeless achieves the best values in terms of more speed, grip, puncture protection and comfort
  • E-25: Tyres with the recommendation "E-25" are the perfect choice for all pedelecs with pedal assistance up to 25 kph. The most important criterion for this recommendation: security


  • Drop weight and roll faster with Schwalbe's tubeless One
  • Snakebite and sidewall protection retains air pressure
  • Firm center trip keeps rolling resistance low
  • Soft shoulder provides surefooted grip on the blacktop
  • Microskin increases durability against punctures and tears
  • Tubeless-ready construction pairs with sealant to prevent flats
  • Run lower tire pressures to increase comfort on jarring roads
  • Tubeless, Folding, Black, Evolution, Super Ground, Addix Speed
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