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Light and Motion Vis 180 Pro Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

Vis 180 Pro Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

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The Light and Motionc Taillight features an ultra-powerful design provides a piercing 150 lumens of output with a wide spread of red lighting for remarkable visibility.

The robust design alsintegrates Light & Motion's exclusive amber side lighting which substantially increases driver awareness of a cyclists at intersections, an essential feature for the urban commuter.


  • 150 Lumen output certified tthe FL-1 Standard
  • Ultralight Aluminum body
  • MicroUSB Rechargeable (Fully charges in 5 hours)
  • Battery charge and status indicator with 4 status levels
  • Integrated clip for attaching to backpack or messenger bag
  • Slide lock system allows you teasily take on / off without tools


  • Lumens Rear: 180
  • Recharge Type: USB
  • Battery: Rechargeable


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