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Kryptonite Incite XBR Bike Taillight

Incite XBR Bike Taillight

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The Kryptonite XBR taillight uses a built-in accelerometer to provide a brake light which increases output 3x over the steady mode. 7 Modes including a daytime brake mode for 10-36 hours of runtime before needing a recharge via USB.

  • Acceleration sensor: when speed is reduced by more than 1.6 m/s, (5.76 km/hr or 3.58 mph) an additional LED is switched on
  • Low battery indicator displays red if battery capacity under 25%


  • Recharge Type: USB
  • Weight: 20 g

Taillight mode / run time

  • High Steady (w/Brake function): 10 hrs
  • Daytime Brakelight Mode
  • High Flash: 20 hrs
  • Low Steady (w/Brake function) : 20 hrs
  • Daytime Pulse: 22 hrs
  • Nighttime Pulse: 18 hrs
  • Economic Flash: 36 hrs


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