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Kenda Kross Plus K847 Wire, Bead Bike, Tire 700 x 38c

Kross Plus K847 Wire, Bead Bike, Tire 700 x 38c

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The Kenda Kross Plus has a semi-slick design for this touring/hybrid bike tire. It’s innovative design has been painstakingly configured for hybrid performance: it features a smooth center section with aggressive side knobs that provides off-road cornering traction and lower rolling resistance, making it great for commuting or riding the local trails.

Not every rider--few of them, in fact--is going to spend all of their time in the mountains or all of their time on the road. You have some people who ride their bike from home to the trails. You have others who commute to work on the weekdays and spend their weekend leisure time off-road. And you have some who just like to mix things up--a little bit of city riding one day and a little cross country the next. These hybrid bike tires have the remarkable design configuration that makes them a perfect blend of road and trail--the best of both worlds. 

Plus the Kenda Kross Plus K847 Bike Tire has a distinctive look that you don’t get from just any tire: the eye-catching black and tan color scheme will make your bike stand out from the crowd, drawing the eye whether you’re pedaling to work or playing in the hills.


  • Semi-slick design
  • Kenda endorses the use of fluid based sealants only in specifically designated Kenda sealant compatible tires


  • Labeled Size: 700 x 38
  • PSI: 70
  • Color: Black/Tan
  • ISO Width (mm): 38
  • ISO Diameter: 622 / Road / 29"
  • Tire Intended Use: Touring-Hybrid
  • Defined Color: Black
  • Weight: 506
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • TPI: 30
  • Tire Diameter: 700c
  • Tire Bead: Wire


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