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Honey Stinger Energy Gel: Gold, Box of 24

Energy Gel: Gold, Box of 24

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Honey Stinger Original Gel sets itself apart by being the only gel to provide you with energy from honey, nature's energy gel. The only ingredients these gels contain are 95% honey, added electrolytes, and B vitamins. Why honey? It's made of two different types of carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), which allows the body to better absorb and use these for energy without causing stomach distress.

While the Organic Gel is more about different flavors, this gel is 100% honey. If you like honey, you’ll like this gel. It also has more carbs and more potassium than its Organic counterpart. Looking for an extra boost? Try the Ginsting Original Energy Gel, it has 32 mg of caffeine per gel to pack an extra energy punch!


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