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Crank Brothers Bike Shoe Shields

Bike Shoe Shields

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We generally love Crankbrothers pedals for their light weight and bulletproof entry and exit in mucky conditions but the retention bars that are so key to their wonderful functionality unfortunately sometimes have a tendency to dig into the soles of our favorite (and expensive) shoes.

Crankbrothers Shoe Shields are essentially just that: stainless steel plates that are added in between the cleat and shoe to protect the soles from damage. The precision cut guarantees a fit that is far better than what you can do with tin snips and a beer can on even your best day and clever cutouts still allow the cleats to dig into the shoe as usual to prevent unwanted twist.

Crankbrothers Shoe Shields are thick enough to hold up well over time yet thin enough that they add virtually no stack height to mess with platform stability and use standard-length hardware. The slick finish even makes for smoother rotational float, too. Your shoes will thank you.


  • 2 shoe shields included.
  • Compatible with all crankbrothers mtb cleats.
  • 8 grams per pair


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