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Commuter HQ

Commuter HQ

Experience the benefits of commuting by bicycle: regular healthy exercise, and savings on fuel and parking, while helping reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Plus you get to ride a bike to work!

"See" and "be seen" lights aren't just for night time riding. 

Ready to Commute

Of course you're going to need your bike and a helmet, but there are other accessories to consider. Every smart bike commuter carries a tool kit in case of a flat tires and other minor mechanical problems and a set of lights. Being prepared will make for a more enjoyable and trouble-free ride.

Learn the Rules

Learning the rules of the road is an important part of being a responsible bike commuter. It will keep you safe and help drivers be aware of your presence. We've come up with a helpful list appropriate for riders of all skill levels.

Plan Your Ride

When riding your bike to work you aren't neccessarily going to take the same way as you would in a car. Looking to get to where you're going or prefer the scenenic route? Side streets and roads with wide bicycle lanes are a great alternative to fast moving artirial streets. Check out a few of our resources below.

Ready to ride

Learn the rules

Plan your ride

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