Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

2016 is OUT

Wow that was fast. Where did 2016 go? My mom always said "time goes faster as you get older." Sounded dumb at the time but I get it now. The year was a wild ride. We opened a store, moved stores, remodeled stores and started a host of new services. Read more here (Remaking Our Company Blog Post).  All in all it was a great year as we furthered the reach of our mission to inspire your passion to ride.

Now it's time to start a new exciting chapter called 2017. Before we do, a shout out to everyone for your business. We are sincerely grateful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Now, let's get this party rolling. We are planning on 2017 being a stellar year. Why you ask? Great question and thanks for asking. First and foremost it's because we want it to be. We understand wanting so doesn't make it so. That's why we are also planning for a stellar year. Our top initiatives for the year include:

  • Mastering digital media - so we can be where our Guests wants us to be
  • Going Mobile - coming to you instead of always making you come to us
  • Passion - constantly inspiring your passion to ride

Our crystal ball doesn't always tell us exactly what needs to be done. Leaving us to experiment a lot to find the magic formula that keeps us a profitable growing company. Providing lot's of value is the only way to do this. We still think old school "service" still rules when it comes to running a retail business.

We're literally on a mission that we live and breathe everyday. To inspire your passion to ride. You can expect us to be friendly, fun and super hard working. In the rare case that we screw up, we always make it right. Last but not least, we are grateful for your business and always appreciate it.

There's always more to say but we'll sign off here. Looking forward to seeing you out on a ride or in our stores. Thanks for listening and for the opportunity to be of service. Let's have an awesome 2017.

Mike & Debbe
Founders and Owners 
Bicycle Warehouse

Debbe and Mike

P.S. - We always appreciate feedback. It's our primary fuel for improvement. Give it to us straight,

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