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What is the best mini bike pump on the market? We've tested everything in the warehouse and came up with our top picks. Watch this video as Jeff Miller breaks down his favorite mini pump, the Giant Control Mini Combo, and why he thinks it's the best mini pump on the market.

Park Tool PMP-3.2 Mini Bike Frame Pump

Small in size, but powerful in performance the PMP - 3.2 mini bike pump has become a rider favorite for its simplicity, style, and price. Small enough to tote on any ride yet packs enough punch to pump efficiently when flat tires strike. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves and a max pressure of 90 PSI this pump can handle most road side fixes with ease. It is available in two colors, an anodized blue or black. Weighing in at 130 grams and measuring 10.5" long, this mini pump is compact and effective. When not in use the PMP - 4.2 conveniently stashes beside the water bottle cage, handy mounting bracket is included. Originally a company focused on creating tools for bicycle repairs that did not exist, Park Tools is a leader in bicycle tool innovation and responsible for some of the best products used by bicycle mechanics across the globe. Visit the Park Tools homepage here!

  • Presta and Schrader valve compatible
  • Includes mounting hardware to securely attach to water bottle bosses or under bottle cage
  • Maximum pressure: 100 psi (7 bars)
  • Weight: 3.7 oz. (105g)
  • Length: 7 7/8" (200mm)

    Park Tool PMP-4.2 Mini Bike Frame Pump Blue

    Shop Park Tool PMP-3.2


    Giant Control Mini Combo Bike Floor Pump

    Bike floor pump or mini frame pump? Why choose when you can have both! The Giant Control Mini brings the convenience of a bicycle floor pump and the portability of a hand pump together, in one one sleek package. The Mini Combo features a fold out foot pad and a rotational hose and T-handle. The integrated pressure gauge is a bonus as well for more accurate tire pressure reading. Inflating up to 120 PSI with a high/low switch this pump is very versatile. High volume mode makes airing up large mountain bike tires a breeze and the high pressure mode lets you top off strong or reseat a tire. Easily swap from Presta to Schrader valve with a built in adapter on the hose. It's all you could want from a mini bike pump, that's why we think it's the best. Giant is at the forefront of the cycling manufacturing industry, and we have carried the brand for over two decades! Visit the Giant homepage here!

    • Rotatable 1.25” gauge
    • Pinch-Free T-handle design
    • High Pressure/High Volume switchable system
    • Fold out foot pad for fast, stable inflation
    • Roller System valve head eliminates twisting while threading onto valve
    • 120 PSI Max

      Giant Control Mini Combo Bike Floor Pump     Giant Control Mini Combo Bike Floor Pump

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      Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP

      The power of a bike floor pump in a efficient, compact package. Featuring a lightweight CNC machined alloy barrel, piston, base, and a T-handle designed for high pressure applications. The stainless steel foot ped provides a stable pumping action even at high pressure. The HP version comes without a gauge, and the HPG version features an integrated pressure gauge. ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped and includes a composite matrix frame mount to strap the pump to your bike. This pump has a higher max PSI that most and is built with a solid construction sure to last miles. We consider the Micro Floor Drive by Lezyne as one of the best mini bike pumps for high pressure applications. The Lezyne brand has been cutting edge since day one, with a strong background in cycling components and a focus on research and development. We are proud to carry Lezyne products and truly appreciate what they bring to the cycling community. Visit The Lezyne homepage here!

      • Length: 300 mm
      • Hose Length: 610 mm
      • Valve Compatibility: Presta and Schrader
      • PSI: 160 PSI / 11 BAR
      • Includes Gauge: No
      • Compressed Gas Inflator: No
      • Includes Mount Bracket: Yes
      • Weight: HP: 150 g / HPG: 194G

      Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Black               Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP Silver


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