5 Tips For Bike Commuting in Your City Streets

5 Tips For Bike Commuting in Your City Streets

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Here's some information to help with your commute

Most of office workers have extremely busy schedules. This entails arriving at work early and returning to their homes later in the evening. The majority of individuals drive to work and then spend the entire day sitting at their desks. It's hard to find the time to work out after a long day. 

Cycling is a kind of exercise that can perhaps bring you to your workplace with your daily dose of fitness. Bicycle commuting will not only bring ease and fitness to your commute but also brings charm and grace to your work routine. Here are some of the advantages of riding instead of driving to work. In this world of cars, SUVs, and trucks, here’s why you should ride a bike to commute to work. Besides, it's fun riding past drivers just sitting in traffic frustrated that it's going to take them longer than you to get to work. 

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Bicycle Commuting is Super Affordable


There is hardly anyone on the planet who does not love to save their hard-earned money. You can save tons of cash riding your bike to work. Do you know? An average American household spends more than $5,000 on auto payments and insurance. With the recent increase in gas prices, the expense of owning a car and traveling to work every day has skyrocketed. A new commuting bike, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $600 to $1500 USD, depending on the company, model, and features, with an estimated annual maintenance cost of roughly $50 USD. It's almost nothing unless you want to repair your bike yourself. Get your hands on an affordable bike before it goes out of your price zone.

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Bicycle Commuting is Healthier and Safe

Bike commuting is healthy

The most precious gift nature can give you is your health. If you are healthy, everything in life makes sense and you live it. Riding a bike to work can be an impressive aid in building a healthy life. Cycling to work is undoubtedly beneficial for your health. While the number of calories burned differs from person to person, their pace, and the topography, cycling burns around the same amount of calories as running while having far fewer harmful effects on the joints. Cycling stimulates stamina and builds muscle while improving cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. It almost feels like cheating to incorporate the health advantages of riding into your regular commute.

5 Commuting Tips

1. Make Eye Contact with Drivers

Always ensure that drivers see you. Never assume they see you even if the light is green. 

2. Get Noticed

Most drivers do not see cyclist. Use hand signals, bright lights and let them know you see them.

3. Use Bike Lights

Even during the day use bright front and rear bike lights on your bike, helmet, rear rack or back pack. The more you stand out the more drivers will see you. 

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4. Oncoming Traffic

Always look out for drivers that are making a turns. Either right or across your route. Use your bell  or hand signals to get noticed and start moving slowly to make sure they see you. 

5. Blind Spots

Drivers cannot see all angles. Be cautious for drivers opening their car doors or making turns. They push their way into traffic not always looking both ways. Ring your bike bell to get their attention. 

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Riding a Bike to Work is A Lot More Enjoyable

Biking to work will put a smile on your face

Here is a suggestion for you to do a social experiment. Whenever you see a person riding a bicycle to work, just look at them,  their face, you will find that person smiling. Riding a bike or bicycle to the word is itself a symbol of liveliness. Biking makes you happier. While most people wouldn't think of waiting in traffic, traversing a cluttered metropolis, or taking packed public transportation as relaxing or enjoyable activities, cycling can really turn your everyday route into a mild type of treatment. Daily exercise has been demonstrated in several kinds of research to lower stress, treat depression, restore sleep cycles for people with insomnia, and relieve stress. Moreover, exercising outside has been shown to promote self-confidence and enhance general mood. Cycling to work is simply enjoyable. Most people reminisce fondly about their childhood experiences of riding their bikes around the neighborhood, thinking about how they could still be as joyful in the midst of the stresses of adulthood.

Bicycle Commuting Helps Society in Reducing Pollution

Bike commuters don't sit in this

Mother earth is the most neglected thing in our lives. We are so busy developing materialistic objects that we have outright forgotten about our environment and the damage that we are causing. Transportation emits roughly a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, accounting for nearly 30% of total emissions. While a single driver in an average vehicle in the United States emits around 1.2 pounds of CO2 every mile, the average cyclist only emits 0.7 grams from respiration. While a bicycle's life-cycle energy consumption, including production and repair, is 60 kilojoules per Passenger. That's a lot of energy savings from a very simple tweak. If you are using this environmentally-friendly ride for your commute, you will not be happy alone, the earth will smile too, for all of us.

Parking a Bicycle is More Convenient

Lock up your bike

What could be more annoying than having to spend 10 minutes every day searching for parking or being stopped in unexpected traffic? Finding parking on your bike to work is as simple as seeing the first pole, locking it, and going to your office. Keep in mind that you will always want to lock your bike to make sure it's there when you come back. Invest in a quality lock it will be worth it.

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Are you prepared to put your feet to the pavement and ride your bike to work? Now that you have all the reasons too! Make your work routine a journey that you love. Bring in a wonderful fancy compaion in the form of a bike and enjoy your work and life.

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