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Vittoria Rally Bike Tire - 700 x 25

Rally Bike Tire - 700 x 25

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SKU: TR1140

Classic tubular racing tire features Kevlar(R) mixed in with the rubber for a combination of puncture-resistance and superior road performance


  • Natural/synthetic blend rubber tread with a lightly textured surface provides optimal traction, durability and speed
  • Kevlar(R) fibers are mixed in with the tread compound, creating a long-lasting puncture-resistant barrier even on the sides of the tire
  • Cotton casing is lightweight and strong with dense 220 pi thread count, reducing deflection and rolling resistance and increasing tire adhesion
  • Tubular construction with a butyl inner tube allows high-pressure inflation (100 - 130 psi) for a faster, smoother tire and no pinch flats
  • Tubular
  • Folding
  • Black
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