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CygoLite Velocity Pro 1400 Headlight - 1400 Lumens

CygoLite Velocity Pro 1400 Headlight - 1400 Lumens

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This powerhouses light up pitch black roads and trails for complete coverage.

The 8-step battery fuel gauge adds full time battery awareness while USB-C charging powers up quickly and easily. Its ultra sleek, anodized aluminum alloy body gives maximum durability and performance optimizing heat transfer for the perfect blend of brightness, ruggedness, and compact style. With an all-new versatile 35mm capable mount that's designed for over and under handlebar mounting, the Velocity Pro gives the most customizable and illuminating performance on every ride.

  • Cycling Tuned Optics throws a long range, extra wide beam for road and mountain biking
  • 9 adjustable lighting modes
  • Powerful daytime visible flashes
  • USB-C rechargable
  • IP67 tested waterproof aluminum body
  • OSp - On Site Programmable technology lets users fine tune each brightness mode and flash speed


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