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Kenda 26" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 26" x 1.75-2.35"

Kenda 26" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 26" x 1.75-2.35"

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The 26" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm, designed with expertise to meet the needs of avid cyclists. This high-quality tube is crafted by Kenda using durable butyl material, boasting a standard .85mm wall thickness for optimal performance and reliability.

The tube is specifically designed to fit tire sizes of 26" with widths ranging from 1.75 to 2.35 inches, making it a versatile choice for a variety of mountain bike applications. With its precise dimensions and construction, it ensures a snug and secure fit, providing excellent stability and minimizing the risk of punctures.

Equipped with a Schrader valve, the tube features a standard American valve stem, making it convenient to inflate and compatible with most common bike pumps. The valve length measures 35mm, offering ease of access for effortless inflation.

Its outstanding features include a labeled size of 26 x 1.75-2.35, conforming to the ISO diameter of 559/26" MTN standards. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of mountain bike setups, allowing riders to confidently tackle various terrains and challenges.

Crafted with the reliable butyl compound, this bike tube delivers enhanced durability and resilience, capable of withstanding the rigors of off-road riding. Whether you're cruising along rocky trails or conquering rough terrains, this tube is engineered to provide a dependable performance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cycling experience.

In summary, the 26" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm by Kenda offers a combination of precision, durability, and compatibility. With its optimal dimensions, versatile valve design, and robust construction, this tube is an excellent choice for mountain bike enthusiasts seeking reliable performance on various trails and terrains.


  • Kenda Butyl Tube, 26 x 1.75-2.35" SV
  • Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube
  • Fits Tire size: 26"
  • Fits Tire width: 1.75 thru 2.35"
  • Valve: Schrader (standard American valve stem)
  • Valve Length: 35mm


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