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WTB Trace Grips

Trace Grips

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The Trace grip has a diameter of 32mm and utilizes big, soft blocks on the top surface of the grip to provide riders with maximum comfort on rough and jarring terrain.

Ample space between the trapezoidal blocks provides room to squish and conform to the rider's hand. The Trace’s soft compound rebounds slowly to provide additional damping and increase comfort between the rider and their handlebars. These are ideal for riders who want soft grips that absorb trail chatter and reduce hand numbness.

  • Tapered internal sleeve to create a snug fit that eliminates twisting at the end of the grip
  • Cushion Category - riders looking for softness, vibration damping
  • Soft Rubber / anti-slip compound
  • Single inboard clamp to keep the grips secure, with a soft compound, enclosed rubber end
  • Cushioning blocks over 3/4 of the surface are tall and flexible, providing absorption
  • Light fingertip knurling with half-nelson pattern on the underside for the bar feel


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