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Sportlegs SportLegs Nutritional Supplement Bottle of 120 Capsules

Sportlegs SportLegs Nutritional Supplement Bottle of 120 Capsules

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Go faster, stronger and longer without the pain of burning muscles. This unique supplement uses calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D to increase VO2 max, anaerobic threshold and time to exhaustion. Taken an hour before exercise, these natural forms preload your bloodstream with lactate to raise your threshold and boost performance, so your muscles function at their very best. Take after strenuous exercise to eliminate soreness and quicken recovery. 


  • Healthy and legal for international competition. 
  • A smart supplement to start with -- No faster or healthier way to prevent muscle "burn" and next-day soreness
  • Cheapest way, too -- Take only when you're planning to ride -- No need to take every day
  • Works one hour after you take it -- No week-long "loading" phase -- Also works in combination with loading-phase supplements
  • Surprisingly gentle -- Even those with sensitive tummies can take SportLegs, even on an empty stomach
  • Works by raising blood lactate ahead of time, replicating the natural signal your muscles obey to stop excessive lactic acid production -- Your muscles produce only what they need to perform your best
  • Contains natural-source lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium, balanced with Vitamin D for optimum absorption, in vegetarian capsules
  • Patented -- Legal and proven in international competition -- Used to help win five consecutive U.S. Cross-Country mountain bike titles and two consecutive World Masters Time-Trial championships
Ingredients: Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol (77IU), Calcium from Calcium Lactate Dihydrate (77mg), Lactate from Calcium Lactate Monohydrate and Magnesium Lactate Dihydrate (1462mg), Hypromellose (vegetable capsule), Gluten-Free Modified Corn Starch and Sucrose (stabilizers), Sodium Ascorbate and Di-Alphatocopherol (antioxidants), Vegetable Oil Triglycerides, Silicon Dioxide


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