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Spank SPIKE 30 Handlebar Grips

SPIKE 30 Handlebar Grips

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A low profile, high comfort handlebar grip. Feel the comfort and confidence of a secure fit, no matter the terrain. From smooth fire roads to tough trails, you'll experience a reliable ride.

Designed from the ground up, the goal with the Spike 30 was to create a low profile grip while still assisting with comfort and vibration absorption. The low profile 30mm diameter provides maximum control with ample grip thanks to the Spank 'Human Factor' grip pattern.

A cutout under the palm area aids with dissipating impulse shock, while the reinforced bar end area helps protect your bars from damage in the event of impacts. 


  • Single lock ring design and smooth thumb zone.
  • Reinforced bar end area
  • Anatomical bar end design supports and protects the little finger
  • Cut outs improve impulse shock, vibration absorption and comfort
  • Interlocking columns support low profile fins to create a tread pattern which offers the benefits of both a finned grip and a low profile
  • SOLD IN A PAIR- includes L and R Grip


FEATURES Single lock grip, low profile 30mm diameter, tapered bar ends, Spank 'Human Factor' grip pattern.
MATERIAL Kraton Rubber, PP Plastic Base, Alloy Clamp, Steel Bolt (3mm Hex)
LENGTH (mm) 145
DIAMETER (mm) 30
WEIGHT (g) ±100g / Pair


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