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Spank OOZY 220 Mountain Bike Saddle

OOZY 220 Mountain Bike Saddle

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The SPANK OOZY 220 Saddle provides the perfect balance of support and adaptability. Its trail-inspired design gives you equal comfort on ups and downs, while adaptive edges contour to your shape and movement. Reinforced Impact Zones and a pronounced Relief Channel ensure you stay comfortable even on rough terrain. Ride with confidence and support!


  • A slight kick-up in the back for uphill, and added lower back support
  • Adaptive edges in high friction areas, also contour to rider’s personal shape and movement
  • Reinforced Impact Zones
  • Pronounced Relief Channel
FEATURES Co-molded Construction, Anatomic Race-Inspired Profile, Tuned Flex Points and Contact Edges, Reinforced Impact Zones
MATERIAL - UPPER 3D co-molded foam
MATERIAL - SHELL Fiber-reinforced polymer
MATERIAL - RAIL Hollow Chromoly
SIZE (mm) 144 x 265
WEIGHT (g) ±280


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