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Slime Skabs Glueless Patch Kit: 6-Pack

Slime Skabs Glueless Patch Kit: 6-Pack

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The Slime Skabs Glueless Patch Kit is a must-have product for anyone who frequently finds themselves on outdoor adventures or in need of quick tire repairs. This kit provides a convenient solution for fixing both tube and tubeless tires on the go, ensuring that you can continue your activities without any unnecessary delays.

With six pre-glued patches measuring 1" each, the Skabs kit offers a reliable and efficient way to address tire punctures. These self-adhesive patches eliminate the need for messy bonding agents, simplifying the repair process and saving you valuable time. Whether you're on a camping trip, trail ride, or engaging in any outdoor activity, the Skabs kit is a reliable companion that can swiftly fix tire issues and get you back on track.

The kit also includes a scuffer and detailed instructions, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with tire repairs can effectively use it. By providing all the necessary tools in one package, the Skabs kit streamlines the tire-changing experience, making it easier and more accessible for users of all skill levels.

Choose the Slime Skabs Glueless Patch Kit for a hassle-free tire repair solution that combines convenience, effectiveness, and portability. Never let a flat tire slow you down again with this reliable and efficient patch kit at your side.


  • Perfect for camping trips, trail rides, or any outdoor activity
  • Self adhesive patches require no messy bonding agents
  • Scuffer and instructions included
  • Makes tire-changing a breeze
  • Includes six, 1" pre-glued patches


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