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Shimano Men's GR501 Mountain Bike Shoes

Men's GR501 Mountain Bike Shoes

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Shimano men's bike shoe size chart

On the bike

The Shimano Pedaling Science that has been incorporated into every aspect of the ET5 shoe makes you feel as if your foot is one with the pedal for ultimate control and a close connection to the bike. This is especially important because the higher speeds achieved on an e-bike place greater demands on the rider.

When walking

On every great adventure tour by bike, there are routes that you don't have to do in the saddle but on foot. And whether you want to overcome an obstacle or simply take a break in a café, whether your shoe feels comfortable and safe makes a huge difference. Shimano has considered every possible walking or hiking scenario in the scientific design of the ET5, so that the shoe delivers the same efficient performance in these phases alongside the bike.


  • Semi-rigid Power Transfer Blade midsole for efficient pedaling power transmission.
  • 360° Traction sole block pattern offers better grip on various types of pedals and terrain.
  • Adaptive outsole cross-grooves create a better grip with various types of pedal cages & pins.
  • Hike & descent traction design block pattern on heel & toe provide great grip on variable terrain.
  • Mini Power Strap lacing system secures foot and provides a comfortable fit.
  • Toe box protection and reflective detailing.
Size Chart
36 4
37 4.5
38 5
39 6
40 6.5
41 7.5
42 8.5
43 9
44 10
45 10.5
46 11
47 11.5
48 12.5


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