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Giant 20" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 20" x 1.75 - 2.1"

Giant 20" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 20" x 1.75 - 2.1"

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Giant Thorn Resistant Schrader Valve Tubes, the perfect replacement tubes for 20" kids bikes, BMX, and more. Designed with expertise, these tubes are built to endure challenging terrains and keep you riding smoothly.

Crafted from high-quality standard weight rubber, these inner tubes provide exceptional durability, ensuring a long-lasting performance. With a thickness of 0.9mm, these tubes offer reliable puncture resistance, minimizing the risk of flats even in rough conditions.

The 35mm Schrader valve allows for easy inflation and deflation, while the 4mm thick top and 2mm thick sides enhance the overall strength and resilience of the tube. This construction provides added protection against thorns and other sharp objects, giving you peace of mind during your rides.

Whether you're a young cyclist exploring new paths or an experienced BMX rider pushing your limits, the 20" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm is the ideal choice for keeping your tires rolling and ensuring a hassle-free biking experience


  • 4mm thick top
  • 2mm thick sides


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