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Rock-N-Roll Absolute Dry Bike Chain Lube

Absolute Dry Bike Chain Lube

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Bicycle Warehouse is proud to offer this Rock-N-Roll Absolute Dry Bike Chain Lube.

Features include:

  • For road bikes only
  • Comes in a 4 fl oz bottle
  • POP Box of 12

Rock-N-Roll Absolute Dry lubricant is a super clean chain lube that picks up little or no dirt. It will help prevent corrosion on your bike chain, protecting it from the elements, and it helps reduce friction between the chain and the drivetrain so you can go faster. Simply drizzle this best bike lube on your bike chain, ensuring the extra bits are whipped away, let it sit for four hours, and you'll be good to ride. You should see a waxy finish when done. This dry bicycle lube is perfect for your everyday rides. Order this bicycle chain lubrication from Bicycle Warehouse today!

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