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Orange Seal 4oz Bike Tire Sealant with Twist Lock Applicator

4oz Bike Tire Sealant with Twist Lock Applicator

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Orange Seal’s tubeless sealant is proven to seal large punctures up to ¼” and maintains a high level of performance at a variety of temperatures and altitudes. By using a mixture of multiple size particles combined with a proprietary, quick setting latex, Orange Seal tubeless sealant is able to seal up large punctures and small tears with a minimum weight penalty, meaning you can ride farther for longer without flats.


  • Seals punctures up to ¼”
  • Multiple sizes of particles (“nanites”) help seal up punctures quickly
  • Proprietary premium latex is quick setting and lightweight
  • Long life span
  • Maintains performance at extreme temperatures and altitudes
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients
  • Includes sealant bottle with injector cap and hose


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