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Niterider NiteLink™ Wireless Remote Control

NiteLink™ Wireless Remote Control

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To maximize the full technology of NiteLink™ Wireless compatible lights; you’ll want the NiteLink™ Wireless Remote Control on your handlebars, making your NiteRider® headlight/taillight combo more nimble and more powerful than ever with a quick tap of your thumb.


  • Connect/pair with other NiteLink™ compatible lights (lights sold separately)
  • VerifiR NFC Technology
  • Power ON/OFF button, Light Mode Toggle Switch, and Turn Signal Indicator Buttons
  • Replaceable CR2032 3V Battery
  • Fits up to 31.8mm handlebars
  • Weight: 53g
  • Water / Dust Resistant IP64 Rated
  • Equipped with NiteLink™ Wireless Technology


  • 2-3 Years

NiteLink™ Compatible Headlights (Lights sold separately):

  • Lumina™ Max 1500 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™
  • Lumina™ Max 2000 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™
  • Lumina™ Max 2500 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™
  • Lumina™ Pro 1300 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™

NiteLink™ Compatible Taillights:

  • Omega™ 330 EVO

(Must be paired with a NiteLink™ compatible headlight to access wireless control)

Take Full Control - Wirelessly

With the NiteLink™ Wireless Remote Control, keep your hands right where they need to be, on the handlebars! Use the remote to change the headlight's modes, including brightness and flash. And power ON/OFF both the headlight and taillight. Pair with two taillights and access the Left & Right blinker function when paired with two taillights.

NiteRider bike light
NiteRider bicycle taillights

Use Blinkers

Sync two taillights and pair with a NiteLink™ compatible headlight to wirelessly operate the left/right blinkers from the Wireless Remote Control. (Lights sold separately)

Thoughtfully Designed

Designed to help cyclists control their lighting systems, all while maintaining control for a safer riding experience.

NiteRider NiteLink features


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