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LOOK KEO GRIP Road Bike Cleat

LOOK KEO GRIP Road Bike Cleat

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Cleats are one of those bits of kit that get overlooked, but Look's new Keo Grip Road Cleat is tougher to ignore than most.

It has several obvious upgrades over most cleats, most noticeably non-skid rubber pads underneath the fore and aft portions of the cleat, but it's the unobtrusive central pad that's most exciting. Look calls it a Memory Clip, and it locks into the center groove found in many new cleats for secure attachment and easy replacement.

To suit all riders, the Keo comes in three versions: zero float (black), 4.5-degree float (grey), and 9-degree float (red). Each offers 4mm of lateral adjustment and 9mm of longitudinal adjustment, and comes with all the necessary screws and washers for easy replacement.


  • A grippy replacement cleat for Look Keo pedals
  • Heel and toe rubber pads provide traction when off the bike
  • Float options let you fine tune your fit
  • Memory clip makes cleat replacements simple and stress free
  • 4.5 Degree Float
  • Gray


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