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Giant 650b Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm - 650b x 20-23c

Giant 650b Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm - 650b x 20-23c

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Giant Standard Presta Valve Tubes, the perfect companion for your 650b bike tires. Crafted from high-quality, standard weight rubber, these inner tubes ensure durability and reliability, allowing you to keep rolling on your rides without worries.

Measuring at 0.9mm thick, these tubes offer robust protection against punctures and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Designed specifically for 650b tire diameters and 20-23c bike tires, they provide an ideal fit for road and city cycling.

Equipped with a 48mm threaded Presta valve, these tubes offer convenience and compatibility with a wide range of rims. The threaded valve adds stability and ensures a secure connection, reducing the risk of air leakage during your rides.

Giant Standard Presta Valve Tubes are the go-to choice for cyclists seeking dependable inner tubes that deliver performance on the road and in the city. Trust in their quality construction and enjoy your cycling adventures with peace of mind.


  • Tire Diameter: 650b
  • Tire Width: 20-23c Bike Tires
  • Thickness 0.9mm thick
  • Valve Length: 48mm Threaded
  • Best Use: Road, City


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