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Q-Tubes 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm - 26" x 1.9-2.125"

Q-Tubes 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm - 26" x 1.9-2.125"

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The 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm is a high-quality tube designed for 26-inch bicycles with tire widths ranging from 1.9 to 2.125 inches. Manufactured by Teravail, a trusted brand in the cycling industry, these tubes are known for their exceptional quality control and reliable availability.

With a 0.9mm wall thickness, these tubes offer durability and puncture resistance, ensuring a smooth and worry-free ride. The removable Presta valve core allows for easy inflation and deflation, providing convenience for maintenance and adjustments.

The tube is labeled with the size 26" x 1.75 - 2.35, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of tire sizes within that range. The valve features a threaded shaft type, which ensures a secure and airtight connection to the rim.

The Presta valve included in this tube has a medium length of 41-55mm, making it suitable for a variety of rim depths. Additionally, the valve core can be easily removed for valve extensions or replacements.

Overall, the 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm by Teravail combines durability, convenience, and compatibility, making it an excellent choice for cyclists seeking a reliable tube for their 26-inch bicycles.


  • 0.9mm wall thickness
  • Removable Presta valve core
  • Labeled Size: 26 x 1.75 - 2.35
  • Shaft Type: Threaded
  • Valve: Presta Med 41-55mm
  • Valve Core: Removable


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