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Giant 16" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 16" x 1.75-2.125"

16" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 16" x 1.75-2.125"

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The 16" Schrader Valve Bike Tube by Giant, designed to provide cyclists with unmatched reliability and performance. With a valve size of 35mm, this inner tube is perfectly suited for 16" wheels with tire widths ranging from 1.75" to 2.125".

Giant's commitment to excellence shines through in the construction of these inner tubes. Crafted from high-quality, standard weight rubber, they offer exceptional durability and resilience, ensuring a smooth and worry-free riding experience.

With a thickness of 0.9mm, these tubes strike the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. They are engineered to withstand various road conditions, including rough terrains, without compromising on their ability to maintain proper air pressure.

Whether you're a recreational cyclist or a professional rider, the 16" Schrader Valve Bike Tube by Giant is the ideal choice to keep you rolling with confidence. Trust in Giant's expertise and enjoy the superior quality and performance that these inner tubes deliver.



  • 0.9mm thick
  • Valve size 35mm Schrader


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