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Finish Line HALO Hot Wax Bag and Tool Set - 600g

Finish Line HALO Hot Wax Bag and Tool Set - 600g

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HALO Hot Wax chain lubricant is engineered to dramatically improve drivetrain performance in both dry and wet conditions by: 1. Significantly reducing the attraction of abrasive contaminants. 2. Delivering an unrivaled level of reduced drivetrain friction. 3. Ensuring extreme mileage between re-lubrication intervals. Three elite grade ingredients deliver superior results.


  • Highly Refined Paraffin creates a robust, dry-to-the-touch coating that repels water, sheds friction-causing abrasive contaminants and virtually eliminates chain stains
  • Spherical Tungsten features a proprietary hollow core to reduce vibrational friction caused by high torque pedaling. Micron-size and spherical shape helps reduce sliding friction by creating a rolling effect on the surface of the chain
  • Ceramic boron nitride platelets cover the chain to form a protective non-stick coating. This ceramic coating works synergistically with spherical tungsten to reduce wear and help extend the life of expensive drivetrain components
  • Keep maximum temperature below 220°F (104°C). Do not use oven or microwave to melt wax. Avoid exposure to open flame. Wear gloves and eyewear. If old wax needs to be stripped off chain, use boiling water to remove


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