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Ergon SM Sport Gel Women's Saddle

Ergon SM Sport Gel Women's Saddle

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A MTB comfort saddle especially for women providing additional comfort thanks to its large gel pads in the sitting area – for Tours, All-Mountain and Enduro. Maximum relief in the sensitive genital area. Sportive comfort padding, flat rear section and freedom of movement in the typical moderately bent MTB position. Reduced-friction sliding flanks allow quick changes of position.

  • Pressure Relief Inlays-gel pads in the sit and genital areas, distributing sitting pressure in new ways
  • Large-area pressure distribution provides optimal pressure distribution for sit and pelvic bones, the contoured surface area helps prevent saddle discomfort
  • Narrow, sloping rear with flat contour, allows for fast changes from seated to downhill position.
  • Saddle length is reduced to a minimum in order to improve the freedom of movement on the bike.
  • V-shape optimally supports the pubic bone and the pressure is transferred to the bony structures
  • Small Sit-bone width 9-12cm
  • Large Sit-Bone width 12-16cm


  • Gender/Age: Women's
  • Rail Material: Chromoly
  • Clamp Style: Standard Rails
  • Saddle Cut Out: Yes
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 295 grams


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